Data Protect UK can supply any type and brand of tape media. We offer competitive rates on any quantity of LTO 5, LTO 4, LTO 3, LTO 2 and SDLT tapes.

LTO 5 tape price from £ 35.00

LTO 4 tape price from £ 19.00

LTO 3 tape price from £ 17.00

LTO 2 tape price from £ 16.00

SDLT 1 tape price from £ 29.00

SDLT 2 tape price from £ 65.00

Orders for back up tapes can be made on account for existing customers or can be paid for by direct bank transfer or by Paypal. Tape orders are dispatched on a next working day basis although we can offer a same day service for companies based in Central London.

We also offer a range of storage / transit cases for back up tapes. These cases are specially designed for LTO & SDLT tape storage a movement. Our boxes range in capacity from 1 – 50 tapes so we’ll have a box to fit every requirement.

All boxes are foam lined and are made from durable heavy duty plastic. Our boxes have snap shut lids but can also be sealed with a padlock or numbered security tag to ensure that they are tamper proof.

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