Tape and Hard Drive Destruction

Due to recent changes in EU legislation and in compliance with new environmental laws all tape media items and hard drives must be securely disposed of once they have reached the end of their life cycle.

Data Protect UK can destroy LTO 5, LTO 4, LTO 3, LTO 2, DAT and DLT tape media. We can also offer secure destruction of hard drives.

Most destruction services just crush or shred the unwanted tapes. At Data Protect UK we add an extra layer of security as we degauss all items prior to securely shredding them. The degaussing process completely deletes all information held on any type of back up tape or hard drive.

Our degassing and tape / hard drive disposal services are completely portable so we can offer a secure destruction service at our customers site as well as in our own premises.

Orders for back up tape destruction and hard drive destruction can be made on account for existing customers or can be paid for by direct bank transfer or by Paypal.


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